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Step into a realm where ancient wisdom and modern practices converge, nurturing a sacred space for your holistic wellness journey. At Westerly Wellbeing, we believe that true wellness extends beyond the physical, embracing the spiritual, emotional, and communal facets of our existence. From fully customizable private events such as corporate events, family reunions, sacred milestones, conferences, birthday parties, wellness events, retreats, festivals, and so more more to personalized 1:1 sessions, each offering is crafted with love and intention, aiming to empower you to tap into your inner wisdom, embark on soulful exploration, and cultivate a sense of profound wellbeing.

Work with Westerly Wellbeing

White Sands


I relish collaborative opportunities bringing together various wellbeing modalities to create events that harness the collective energy of like-minded individuals. If you're interested in a unique and enriching group experience hosted or led in collaboration for your community, please fill out the form below to explore the possibilities together!


At Westerly Wellbeing, we're dedicated to ensuring that our transformative offerings are within reach for everyone. Soul-care is an investment, but if this feels a bit beyond your current means, please connect with us. Whether you're drawn to a group event, a private gathering, or a one-on-one session, let's explore possibilities together because your journey matters, and we're here to help you find a path that resonates with you. Reach out via a form above or email me at, and let's have a heartfelt conversation about how we can support you.


Your circle was so warm and welcoming, especially to outsiders like my sister and I who knew NOTHING of this and took away a lot after the circle. It was a beautiful experience to find our true and authentic selves.

Susan, Chicago

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